On Wednesday, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora never showed up to address the media during the G-Men's allotted time.   The NFL has now decided to fine him $20,000 for the no show.


Turns out skipping out on the media during Super Bowl week is frowned upon by the NFL.  Osi Umenyiora learned that the hard way, and is now forced to pay a fine for skipping out and not talking to the media yesterday.

Umenyiora was supposed to be a part of a mandatory 45 minute news conference yesterday at the hotel where the Giants were staying.  Justin Tuck and Tom Coughlin were two of the other people that were at the news conference, and Umenyiora says he just misunderstood the schedule.  He says that he'll be talking to the media the rest of the week, and it won't happen again.

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