Finally! I was just talking to Jenn about how the Thruway rest stops are so limited and need to be renovated. We traveled out to Buffalo last weekend and the options are really limited not to mention not healthy. I was super happy to hear that the New York State Thruway Authority is renovating the service areas and upgrading the options we will have when we stop to eat.

The New York State Thruway Authority will begin a four hundred fifty million dollar project to renovate the twenty-seven service areas throughout New York state. They will rebuild twenty-three of the rest area buildings and the others will be significantly upgraded according to News 10 ABC.

They say there will be new food concepts including fress and healthy products and meals. Right now if you travel along the Thruway out to Buffalo options are extremely limited and not very healthy. It's either McDonalds, Roy Rogers, Burger King, and Sbarro. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those once in a while, but I have been praying for more healthier or different options. Now my prayers are answered.

Some of the restaurants that will be added to various Thruway service areas are some of my favorites. They include:


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Shake Shack

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Along with Panda Express, Burger King, and the new Applegreen Convenience Stores will be added offering fresh and healthy options.

This construction plan will start up on July 29th for the first phase affecting some of the twenty-seven service areas. There will be signs to let drivers know which ones are closed and there will never be two consecutive service areas closed at the same time. Gas will be available during renovations at all stops.

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