The US Open at Shinnecock Hills was challenging and some say unfair test of the world's greatest golfers skills. Brooks Koepka won his second straight US Open with a score of +1 which is a great sign of the courses level of difficulty. The story isn't Koepka anymore because Phil Mickelson did something I've only seen at Mini Golf Courses.

Sometimes when I'm in a heated game of putt putt with my daughter I'll chase and swat a moving ball only to be scolded by a small child. She would inform me that I lost the game because "DAD YOU CHEATED!" So if my daughter has an issue with it why would Phil think it was ok?

Here's the incident.

Here's the explanation:

Ultimately I'm not super torn up about it like some golf purists are but ask yourself, If this was a golfer with less fame than Mickelson would he of been disqualified? I think so.

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