The Women's Championship of the US Open is one of the hottest topics in all of sports right now and considering it's also opening weekend of the NFL that's really saying something. Serena Williams says she was treated unfairly because she's a woman while she's being fined $17,000 for her outbursts. Which side do you fall on? We reached out to USA Today's Christine Brennan her thoughts and she has strong feelings on how all of this was handled.

Christine Brennan feels that Serena Williams was indeed treated unfairly based on the history of the Chair officials past and the overwhelming evidence that every tennis player receives some form of coaching now a days. There are people that fall on both sides of this issue but I ask you to listen below and hear Brennan out before you condemn Serena. I feel like she's not completely blame free here but Brennan does bring up some interesting points.

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