Facebook can be fun but there needs to be a few rules. Here is a list of what you can and should not post. My opinion…

Birthdays…Fine we all like the two thousand happy birthdays from people we don't know. The ones we do know should be sending gifts.
Relationship status… Yup also good we need to know who's been dumped so we can hook up
Big moments in your life. Sure why not
Births…show us the Baby
anything funny

Don't post
The weather unless it's major
How your feeling…we really don't care
Angry rants at Facebook friends
Clearing your friends list…Hey you accepted them in the first place
Why your a victim or how the world done you wrong
Celeb news…don't care
Cute pictures of your pet..UGH

Check out Vic's take on the weather he does make it funny.

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