Good police work in Upstate New York led to the arrest of a longtime drug lord allegedly responsible for infiltrating our streets with a litany of narcotics.  When police seized his stash on Monday, they found all kinds of drugs including meth, crack, and fentanyl.

Photo: Sidewinder Photography/Renss. County Sheriff's Office
Police in Rensselaer County make a huge drug bust taking down an area kingpin in his Lansingburgh home known as 'The Castle'

In addition to a large number of drugs, once inside the druglord's "castle", police confiscated an AR15, ammunition, and an "explosive device" according to the source.

According to Sidewinder Photography, Clayton L. Parker, 42, was arrested by the Sheriff’s Office Investigators at his 118th Street apartment in Lansingburgh.

 Investigators seized the following items during the search warrant:A large quantity of crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin containing fentanyl, Assorted pills, Modern Day Sporting Rifle(AR15) with ammunition,Packaging material, An explosive device, and Approximately $4000 US Currency. -Sidewinder Photography Facebook 


Sidewinder reports that Parker's Lansingburgh home is known as "The Castle" presumably because of all the drugs and drug paraphernalia Parker stashed inside the home for many years while he pumped drugs out on the streets.

Photo: Sidewinder Photography/Renss. County Sheriff's Office
Notorious drug deal Clayton Parker was arrested on Monday inside his home known as "The Castle" in Lansingburgh.

But it wasn't only Parker's drugs that got raided, according to the report, police also seized a Modern Day Sporting Rife (AR15), ammunition, an explosive device, and thousands of dollars in cash.

But, won't he just post and be free on bail?

In many instances, you'll see where an alleged criminal is set free on bail, but that was not the case for Parker.

According to Sidewinder, Parker has had multiple felony arrests, and he was NOT released on bail and remains inside the Rensselaer County Jail while he awaits his next court appearance.

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