A popular Clifton Park donut joint is now serving up gourmet donuts and chicken in downtown Troy.

When it comes to donuts, there are great and there are AMAZING. And when 518 Donuts in Clifton Park opened last year, they immediately landed in that AMAZING category. Not to mention, they were also serving up gourmet fried chicken and fried chicken sandwiches that were in that AMAZING category as well.

The Clifton Park operation recently shifted gears to only serve their delicious donuts, but the full gourmet donut and chicken menu is now rocking at another 518 Donuts in the Collar City.

518 Donuts Opens New Location In Downtown Troy


518 Donuts is now up and running at the corner of 6th Avenue and Broadway! And if you have not tried the Clifton Park location yet, and Troy is a little closer to you, ya gotta go try their amazing offerings. The donuts are top flight, with exciting flavors and real toppings like cookies and cream, cereal killer (Topped with real cereal), and peanut butter explosion. These donuts bring actual flavor explosion, plus they have gluten-free options.

All that flavor and we haven't even gotten to the chicken yet. I have had their chicken sandwiches, and there is no competition: 518 Donuts is the Capital Region chicken sandwich champ. Crispy on the outside, and juicy inside, their chicken is twice fried and perfectly crafted. The chicken fried dough is amazing too, with that great chicken wrapped in donut batter! I know I got ya drooling now, so you can check out the full 518 Donuts Troy menu here.

As the new location staffs up and gets ready to celebrate its official grand opening in the weeks ahead, they are operating under temporary hours Tuesday thru Thursday 8am - 2pm, Friday and Saturday 8am - 5pm, Sunday 8am - 2pm, and are closed Mondays. Expanded hours will be coming soon! Happy eating! And you can see photos of the new Troy location below!

See the New 518 Donuts Troy Location

518 Donuts is now up and running in Troy! After opening their Clifton Park location last year, they are now serving up their gourmet donuts, chicken, and more at the corner of 6th Avenue and Broadway in Troy.

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