Just days after the Super Bowl and many high profile quarterbacks are possibly on the move. It might actually be easier to list the NFL teams that are for sure not looking to move their quarterback or upgrade. With all these Pro-Bowl QBs like Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz and even Russell Wilson unhappy with their current teams it feels like anything could happen this off season. Does Fansided's Matt Verderame think that the New York Jets will keep Sam Darnold, draft a new QB or trade for their new signal caller?

Sam Darnold's days as the Jets' quarterback appear to be numbered. It's never a good sign for the QB of a team with a General manager and head Coach that didn't pick you. It get's way worse when you haven't developed as fast as a third overall pick is expected to. Now add in that his rookie contract is rapidly coming to an end and you have the perfect storm for him to leave town. Mat Verderame thinks it's pretty likely that Darnold will be traded before the draft for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Meanwhile names like Texans Deshaun Watson, Eagles Carson Wentz and Seahawks Russell Wilson all unhappy with their current teams. It's unlikely the jets will be in play for Wentz or Wilson but John McClain who has covered the Texans since they entered the NFL says it's Jets or no-one for any potential Watson trade.

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No matter who lands with the Jets if any of the big three names get traded it looks like we're headed to a fast paced and crazy off season for hte NFL.

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