The New York Jets are beginning the Robert Saleh era. The new head coach was highly sought after and chose the Jets. It still feels like this might really be the beginning of the Joe Douglas era too. Even though Douglas has been the Jets general manager since right after the NFL Draft in 2019 this feels like the first year he's really able to make the moves he wants to. What move will Douglas and Saleh make at quarterback? Will the move be no move at all and to give Sam Darnold one more chance to prove he's the right man for the Jets? Voice of the Jets Bob Wischusen thinks Darnold could get that chance.

The big decision for Douglas and the Jets is what to do at QB? Wischusen thinks that Darnold should get one more year if the Jets can't find a way to land Houston Texans Deshaun Watson. The fact is the team has substantial draft capital and could fill a lot of needs this year. Put that together with the fact that Sam Darnold might still be a legit pro QB and he could get at least one more year with the Jets. Listen to Bob Wischsen's full interview with Levack and Charlie from today's show below.

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