I thought it was an implied belief that if you have super powers you're only supposed to use them for things that are good in nature. Now, former Duke Blue Devil, Quinn Cook, is no super hero. Heck, he's not even in the NBA. That said, his physical makeup and basketball ability put side by side with a 12-year camper is about as close as you'll get to a human/hero type of contrast. This past week the Canton Charge (D-League) guard went full villain mode by crossing up a helpless boy while a crowd of his pupils watched in laughter. Not cool, Quinn. Not. Cool.

*Heel Turn* Just kidding...Very cool! The rules when playing young kids are, there are none. If the eager buck is willing to step up and guard, then his ankles deserve to be wrapped in ice for the next week. My only regret after watching this video is that Cook didn't step over the body when he was done! It's kill or be killed out here kid, welcome to the world.