Levack & Goz were joined once again on radio row by Bellator fighter Matt Mitrione. Last year, all the talk was about Mitrione's swollen face after his latest fight where his brow looked the shape of a tennis ball.

This year, the 'grossness' continues.

"Coming out here; last year I did it down in Houston and there was a situation very similar, like in 2 weeks or something like that where I was supposed to fight Fedor, well with this one I had to fight in 2 weeks and I was supposed to fight Roy, but on the day I was supposed to go out there I got hit with kidney stones," Mitrione said. "And they were brutal! So bad I was in the hospital in 3 o'clock in the afternoon and was trying to fight three hours later and they were like, 'dude, you still haven't passed your stone. You're holding 7 liters of water, there's no way we can have you fight.' So they scrapped the fight."

"They went through my pee-hole and pulled out 27, but I'll say 24 stones out of my right kidney alone," he said.

But wait...it gets worse. Listen to our interview with Mitrone to find out just how bad it was:

Levack & Goz are LIVE from radio row all week as they lead us up to Super Bowl LII in Minnesota.

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