'Big' John McCarthy has been a fixture in the world of Mixed Martial Arts since UFC 2 in 1994. Known for his days refereeing for the UFC and his catchphrase "Let's Get It On!" Now McCarthy is the color commentator for Bellator MMA and will be featured on the new MMA show Bellator Recharged on CBS Network 8pm on Wednesday nights. McCarthy worked with Capital Region Gold medalist Jeff Blatnick for years and has stories to tell.

McCarthy first met Blatnick at UFC 4 and from the sound of it they hit it off almost immediately. Listen below to 'Big' John McCarthy's memories of being in the cage, his newer role calling fights and when he met Jeff Blatnick. It's pretty amazing to hear a guy that has spent about 30 years stopping alpha males from beating the life out of each other be so conversational. Definitely awesome to speak to him and hope to again soon.


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