The State of New York is considered to be "destination living" for a number of people, and because of this, a number of the wealthiest people in the world currently call the Empire State home. We found a list of the twenty wealthiest New York residents in 2023, and broke it down below.

Spoiler alert: two of the top twenty wealthiest people in the WORLD live in our state!

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Ranking the Wealthiest People Currently Living in New York in 2023

With some help from the good folks over at Stacker, we were able to compile a list of the wealthiest people who currently live in New York, which you can see below.

The list of wealthy individuals is very interesting to me, mainly because there are representatives from so many different industries on the list. Hedge fund managers, real estate moguls and media company founders alike litter the top-twenty list, each of whom have their own unique story as to how they came into large sums of money.

Stacker also notes that a whopping 660 people became billionaires across the world in 2021. Forbes shared that, of the billionaires in the world, 113 of them live in New York. Some have established residences in New York City, while others are located in various areas around Long Island.

No matter where in the state they live, they're still New Yorkers.

With that said, here are the twenty wealthiest billionaires currently living in New York, sorted by net work. Scroll below to check out the list, and see who took home the title of wealthiest New Yorker in 2023.

The Twenty Richest Billionaires Currently Living in New York

A handful of the richest people in the world currently call New York home, and these are the twenty wealthiest Empire State residents in 2023.

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