Remodeling your bathroom comes with a lot of decisions and considerations that go beyond paint and tile swatches. Professional installations definitely have their pros, but cost as much as $13,000. Why not take the DIY route and save yourself a little cash?

Here are some things to look out for when redecorating your bathroom that could save you big time.

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    In large part, the cost of the tub will depend on which type of tub you buy. If the cost is high, consider doing a self-installation. This could save you the cost of the manufacturer's warranty, and you'll dodge the installation costs as well.

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    The cost of remodeling your shower will depend on your desired customization. Maybe your tiles need to be replaced, but the glass can be saved. Installation is key as far as showers go, though. With improper installation, mold grows rampant. This may be an instance to splurge on proper installation.

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    A large portion of cabinet cost comes from installation. If you install the cabinets yourself, you could save up to $500. Just make sure the cabinets are securely fastened to the wall!

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    Counter Tops

    Many counter tops can be fairly easy to install, especially prefabricated ones. The cost of replacing your counter tops yourself could be as little as $70. If you take the custom route, replacing your counter tops could push $2,000.

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    Installing new flooring yourself could save you a whopping $1,300! This way, you can spring for the perfect tile even if it is just a bit more than you initially planned on spending.

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    Light Fixtures

    When installing new lights, always make sure the power supply is shut off first. Without the cost of installation, you'll save as much as $215. Take the DIY route!

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    When installing your new sink, be sure to seal the area around the sink to prevent water damage. If you spring for a high quality sink, install it yourself for a chance to save up to $350.

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    When disposing of your old toilet, take a look at the floor where it sat. Make sure the floor doesn't have any extensive water damage before replacing it. Install your brand new toilet to save a cool $200.