As many homeowners know, roofs are expensive and a little intimidating. I mean, I've owned a fixer-upper for over four years. During that time, MANY roofing companies (and even friends who do roofing on the side) presented me with a price and a plan for my roof -- none of which ever seemed right for me. 

The Levack Collection/After Photo

Like, why does every first conversation need to be all about price? Pinnacle Roofing was the first group to sit down and explain the process to me. We of course discussed the price, but I felt like they were more concerned with my roof than my wallet.

I went with Pinnacle and I have ZERO REGRETS or concerns. After suffering for 3 winters, my roof is finally leak-free and worry-free.

Levack Collection/ During Photo

The picture above is the finished product. The pictures of my roof (before) that you see below were sent to me by Bob Thomas from Pinnacle.

Levack Collection/ Before Photo

Bob didn't send these pictures to panic me or to drive up the price; he sent them so that I would know exactly what was wrong with my roof and to show that they had it covered.

Levack Collection/ Before Photo

Long story short -- for the first time since I bought my house, I feel secure that my roof is actually capable of standing up to Northeast weather, and that comes with an unmatched sense of confidence.


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