This Saturday Northeast Wrestling invades Joe Bruno Stadium for Wrestling Under The Stars. The wrestling event is the first ever professional wrestling event at Joe Bruno Stadium. The card features former WWE wrestlers including Mick Foley, Ryback, Jack Swagger, and more. Former WCW and WWE star Rey Mysterio joined by self and Dan America for an over the phone interview. Here's Mysterio's take on how he believes WWE should change the cruiserweight division.

You know what, I have actually been watching the product off and on, and I think the product is really good. It is definitely exciting to watch but it has its ups and downs. I would really tune into watch Cruiserweight division, when you knew when you would get something different or spectacular week after week. Seem s like they have them lower their pace for some reason. Or they don’t get as exciting as you would think they would be. You know a Cruiserweight match is just non-stop, when the bell rings, you’re going.  You’re always coming up, being innovative with your style, creative. That’s what the fans love to watch; sometimes I feel that those matches don’t have that excitement. Again, I don’t know it is because they tell them not to do as much or to tone themselves down. At this day in age, the evolution of wrestling is crazy; it’s hard for me to catch up to some of the guys who are out there right now. 

Find out Rey's take on Mayweather-McGregor, this weekend's show and more below.


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