I'll have to write this quick, because if I follow the motto of the Saint Rose women's soccer team, I'll forget it in an instant.

As reported by The Times Union's Abigail Rubel, the Saint Rose women's soccer team has shifted their team mentality, working on moving forward from negative events, and resetting their minds for the next obstacle in front of them. The team has given the philosophy the moniker of "being a goldfish", an animal with a notoriously limited mental capacity.

A change in philosophy is only as effective as the results that it causes, and the Golden Knights are proving its worth this season.

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The Golden Knights' new mentality mirrors a mindset made famous on "Ted Lasso", Apple TV+'s hit soccer-based comedy, in which the titular Lasso tells his new pupils to "be a goldfish" after things don't go their way. The moniker is one of the more popular quotes to derive from the show, and may have had an influence on how Saint Rose is approaching their season.

What a season it's been for the Golden Knights, who currently sit 8-0-1 overall on the year, and 5-0-1 in their conference. Freshman forward Mia Klammer is having a memorable collegiate debut with Saint Rose, having scored seven goals in her first nine career games, including *checks notes to make sure I'm reading it correctly* FOUR goals against Pace back at the end of September.

Unfortunately, based on her new mentality, Klammer may have forgotten her four goals the next day. Apparently, that didn't end up mattering too much, because she scored two goals in the team's next game against Bentley. The Saint Rose women's soccer team travels to Assumption this Saturday, October 9th in pursuit of wine number nine.

We hope they don't take their new motto too seriously, and remember when the bus leaves.

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