Just in time for track season, Gaffney's Restaurant and Bar has reopened its doors. The Caroline Street eatery and party spot was closed down by New York State Liquor Authority earlier this year due to a series of violent incidents in the Caroline Street area that they say were linked to the bar.

In order to reopen, Gaffney's had to pay a $70,000 fine to the State Liquor Authority and abide by a strict set of rules that include a 2am close, no live music, and beefed up security measures. In an Instagram post last Saturday, Gaffney's let their followers know that they're back in business.

NewsChannel 13 went to some of the bars on Caroline Street to see how the atmosphere was over the weekend. From all accounts, it was peaceful. Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Paul Montagnino went to Gaffney's Saturday night for their reopening:

Everybody was there to have a good time, nobody was complaining. The way things should be.

Montagnino says the bar has taken a number of proactive steps to ensure a peaceful atmosphere, including hiring more security and having a full time manager on site during weekend evening hours.

Gaffney's was known as a party hotspot in Saratoga for years with celebrity appearances, guest DJs and live bands. But there will be none of that this summer. As part of their settlement with the city and State Liquor Authority, any music played must be ambient recorded music.

Still, Gaffney's will continue to operate in a bar and restaurant capacity as best they can. On their website, they've given the summer of 2022 its own theme:

Welcome to the "Whatever We're Allowed To Do Summer!"

We are doing our best to respond as quickly as we can to ever-changing New York State guidelines and appreciate your loyal support.

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