The way to my heart is through my stomach, and two weeks ago at the Saratoga Race Course, Giacomo Berselli had my heart.

If I had to guess, a number of Saratoga race attendees have probably fallen in love this season, too.

The reason Giacomo Berselli joined 'The Drive' a few weeks ago was because he is the organizer of Piazza Italia at Saratoga Race Course. Located on the left side of the property, right outside of the stretch, offers authentic Italian cuisine to racegoers, including immaculate charcuterie boards, paninis and the freshest meats and cheeses around.

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Mr. Berselli, who jokingly asked to be referred to as "paisan" before he joined the show, and I had a fantastic conversation off-air. He told me that his goal was to add a bit of variety to the food available, and give the Saratoga faithful access to high-quality snacks for their day at the races.

Then, he told me a little about himself, and what he told me truly impressed me. He told me his "full-time job", so to speak, was ushering American students to Italy to work in the culinary arts, and gain valuable training in the creation of authentic Italian cuisine.

Oh, and he may have brought us a few of his menu items to sample. Needless to say, there was no food remaining on the table by the time our show ended.

The mission of "Piazza Italia" is one that I truly appreciate. Providing a variety of dishes made with fresh ingredients, all served with a smile, is a mission that I can always get behind. So, if you're by the stretch at Saratoga, stop by Piazza Italia, and tell our "paisan" friend we said hello.

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