The Athlete of the Week is a great chance for you to let us know about extraordinary athletes right here in the Capital District. We were so happy when we got an email recommending Ashley Cirilla. This young lady is an up and coming soccer star who's doing great in school.

She's a member of the Olympic Development program that helps prepare exceptional athletes to make a run at their Olympic dreams. She's headed out to Scotland to play there and will get to take in some professional soccer while on the other side of the pond.

Here is a sample from the email suggesting Ashley:
Ashley currently plays for the Albany Alleycats which is a premier travel soccer program in the area. She is on the 2003 Girls NPL team which is currently ranked #1 in the National. Ashley is the starting midfielder for this team. Besides Alleycats she plays for the NY North ODP (Olympic Development Program) team. She has been on this team since she was 12. This team is a team you try out for and contains girls essentially from lower  weshchester/NY all the way out towards Syracuse. There is another team for NY south and I believe for NY West. So in NY we have 3 of these teams. 
Ashley is a great student. Her gpa is around a 3.8-3.9. 
To summarize, Ashley is on the path to represent our Team USA Women's Soccer program in the near future. I am hoping that you could have Ashley on your show before she leaves for Scotland to compete in her first international competition.

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