Make no mistake. The top seeded Rangers are in trouble. Losing 3-2 to Ottawa in OT in game 4 has the Rangers looking at doom if they don't get this thing turned around. Now you might say hey it's 2-2. fair point. However truth be told the Rangers have been outplayed by the Senators. Count how many times the Rangers are pressing the action for longer then 30-45 seconds. Count how few odd man rushes they have had.

You can blame Henrick Lundqvist for this loss. he did give up a softie to former Phoenix Coyote Kyle Turris, but the King has been great, is great and hey it happens. I blame the coaching philosophy of John Torterrella. Up 2-0 after popping in 2 fasties the Rangers did what 'Torts" does. Play defensive hockey. I am disgusted by it as a Rangers fan!

The Rangers went almost 18 minutes without a shot on goal. That's just wrong. Not like the Rangers don't have the speed, touch, toughness and finishing ability to keep pressing the action. yet many times they don't!

I don't think it is any co-incidence the Rangers have lost 7 straight over time playoff games. that's playing a conservative philosophy. it didn't cost the Rangers in OT in this game but that's Torts style and I believe it is holding this club back.

Let me give credit to the Sens. I said before the series this was  a good team. They are better then I thought. they have speed, very talented offensive players, rock solid defense, attitude, toughness, and goalie Craig Anderson is playing well. How well? Don't know not enough pressing of the action by the Rangers.

Game 5 of this very exciting series is Saturday Night back at MSG. It will be interesting to see how Ranger fan reacts. I am guessing fear has set in about now. Confident but wary of this dangerous Ottawa team. Nervous this very good team that won the Eastern Conference could suffer the indignity of losing to an 8 seed. That has to stir fear with the fans. I know this Ottawa team has me worried.

It should be very interesting radio tomorrow. The show starts at 3pm(Game On with Bruce Jacobs-3-6.30pm on 1045 the team or I am chomping to get at it now and let off some anxiety. I have plenty built up after this frustrating loss!

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