For years there has been a struggle over what's the right way to handle sports mascots? In the NFL The Washington Redskins have taken a hard line and refuse to change their nickname or logo but in the MLB the Cleveland Indians have begun steps to distance themselves from their mascot "Chief Wahoo." One step ahead of the team though the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York has already ruled they will no longer use Wahoo on any incoming plaques.

Jim Thome is about to be inducted as a member of the Indians and he has requested the standard Cleveland "C" instead of Wahoo. After collaborating with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Cleveland has already decided to stop using Chief Wahoo starting in 2019.

According to an article on

The Hall said that while the Chief Wahoo logo appears on Early Wynn's 1972 bronze plaque and other exhibits in the museum, it won't be used on future plaques.

When people truly affected and/or offended are the head of the movement for change then I support changing. It's when people are offended for other's I get annoyed so since Native American's have been protesting for years and all parties involved agree to change this makes sense.

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