Pittsburgh captain Sid Crosby, also known as Sid the Kid can now be called Sid the cash cow. The leader of the Penguins  agrees to a 12 year deal with the Pens for a reported 104.4 million dollars.

The deal represents huge risk for the Penguins due to Crosby's concussion history. He missed much time last year in 2 different segments because of concussions. The contract will not be fully insured for 2 reasons. the concussion issues and also because no NHL contract beyond 7 years can be fully insured.

Much of the contract will be front loaded but the average cap hit will be at 8.7 million dollars. Crosby could have been a free agent after this next upcoming season.

Crosby when healthy is obviously a great player. he has tallied 609 points in just 434 career games. However the Penguins were defeated badly in the just concluded playoffs getting beat by the Philadelphia Flyers.