Back on November 23, we witnessed one of the most surreal comebacks in the history of the NHL, when Penguins star Sidney Crosby scored two goals in a victory against the New York Islanders. His performance in that game made hockey fans around the world rejoice for the return of "Sid the Kid," the unofficial "prophet" and "face" of the NHL. However, this feel-good story has taken a sudden and deflating turn for the worse.

Earlier today, after missing another practice with his team, Crosby announced that he is going to be out of action indefinitely with a recurrence of concussion-like symptoms. While he spoke with the press, Crosby said the following:

Not (feeling) bad. I'm not happy about watching. But I have to make sure with these sort of things that I'm careful and making sure I'm 100 percent before coming back. No timetable. I've been doing light exertion stuff and seeing how that goes. It's that whole (recovery) routine again, but hopefully not as long. When I wasn't doing something for 6, 7 months that process was a little longer. Hopefully, that's not the case here.

Crosby noticed the recurrence of his concussion-like symptoms during last week's 3-1 loss to the Boston Bruins and has not played since that game, missing this weekend's short road trip to Philadelphia and New York. The 24-year-old had 12 points in his eight-game comeback, but didn't score any goals after netting two in his first game back against the Islanders.

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