Siena Women's Basketball Coach Ali Jaques has been one of my favorite guests for a while now. She knows her stuff and is borderline fearless when it comes to answering questions. Where some guests will attempt to avoid or give you the run around Jaques will always give you an honest answer.

That was evident again when Goz asked about the future of "The Albany Cup":

"I don’t know what is going on on the men’s side. I tried to work something on with the last coaching staff for them and we had dates but then it fell apart so I had to move on from it and we will not be playing Albany this year, unless something’s change administration. I know Collin well he wife was my head coach at my alumni. She called me up and I told her that I have been trying to work with out but I told when she gets here it is higher up then use. I am going to leave that at the powers that be. I would love to welcome them to Siena in 19 or 20 for a home and home. If we can’t do that it would just be great for women’s basketball in the area. Women tend to have the schedule done faster than the men do.  So I had to lock in some games so we 6 home games out of conference that should make the fans happy as we try and build the fan base."


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