Between exit 22 and exit 23, another life was lost- the sixth motorcycle death so far this year. This one happened when the driver of a car didn't yield to the right of way of a biker. Andy Liuzzi, the American Bikers aimed toward education, said “The driver gets ticketed with failure to yield right of way, and we have to bury someone we care about".

Creto-Kade's Law, which Andy supports, would increase penalties for drivers who cause serious injury or death due to a moving violation.

Enough already. If you're driving a vehicle, and you know this time of year bikers are on the road, OPEN YOUR DAMM EYES AND PUT DOWN THE CELLPHONE.

Bikes aren't silent. You can hear them coming. You need to remember these people riding aren't dirtbag lowlifes- they are people with families. So, you know they are going to be on the road for the next few months. BE AWARE.