Are these allegations true? Who knows? Who cares? It is my opinion and, according to the ESPN blabbermouth, that's all that matters.

Let's review. According to Bayless' wisdom Redskin fans are racist. Yes, because according to  Bayless the white Redskin fan wants Kirk Cousins to start over Robert Griffin III.

Then it was Derek Jeter. Because he is having a superb season, that means he must be doing steroids. Ok Skip, where is your proof? Oh, he doesn't have any. Ok, well Skip Bayless is a pedophile and no question a druggie. My proof? I don't have any. Don't need any. In Bayless' world, just say it and even if it is false, so what? This is the same guy who said that former Cowboy QB Troy Aikman is gay. That didn't turn out to be right but, hey, Skip said it and don't you know he is a  journalist so don't question Skippy!

Skippy has no evidence of any charge he has made but I think I do. Skip Bayless is a pedophile. My proof? Well it is lonely in Bristol. I have been there. Besides ESPN what else is there? Well Otis Elevator Company is located there. So my "evidence?" He is lonely. Hey, good enough for me.

I am also saying Skip Bayless is a drug addict. My proof you ask? Well, look how his eyes are bugging out of his head. Clear proof he is on something, and then look at his energy level. According to Bayless Jeter is cheating  because he is playing well at 38 and because he had 1/2 a bad year last season you can't be great at that age unless you are juicing.

Jeter is also now being questioned by the media whether or not Bayless' accusations are true. Yes, folks, the seriousness of the allegations matters more then the facts. So who cares if I am right? My allegations are serious and so am I. Bayless like Jeter, according to him, can't have that energy level at his age which has to be approaching 60 so he must be using some sort of substance to hit that energy level. As you get older you get mellower for the most part but Bayless is a screaming banshee and he isn't getting any younger. So my eye tells me Bayless IS A DRUG ADDICT.

Here is another trick these useless fools like to fall back on. In Bayless' mind and many others like him he is a "journalist" and in  a journalist's little mind they are the only people who can have an opinion, or be critical, or slam someone. They are the judge but aren't to be judged, like they are of privilege. In my world most of them are liars and they are scumbags. They don't get to cast final judgement.

So again, using Bayless tactics, forgoing proof for making serious charges, it is how he "feels" not what he knows. I feel like the lonely Bayless is a pedophile and a charged up Bayless at his age means he is using illegal drugs. Proof? Don't need any. I am Bruce Jacobs and my opinion counts just as much as Skip Bayless' mindless meanderings!

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