The heavy metal band, Slayer, reacts to being cited in the best SportsCenter commercial of all time.  The reaction of guitarist Kerry King is great.

This John Clayton commercial for ESPN's SportsCenter just keeps getting better and better.  The commercial is hilarious to being with.  Then, the John Clayton blooper reel emerged.  Now, we've got a video which features Slayer reacting to the hysterical ad.  What's next?  Will Kate Upton give her opinion about the commercial while wearing a bikini?

Kerry King's reaction to the commercial is great.  Kerry is a big Oakland Raiders fan and follows the NFL closely.  It's awesome that he got a good laugh from John Clayton's commercial.  On a metalhead side note, how about Kerry King jamming Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" (:22 second mark) with former Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo?  Nice!

By the way, I will be kicking off Team Trivia this week with our new tradition.  We began our new ritual last week by yelling "Slaaaa-yeeeeer" all at the same time.  It was a great way to begin a solid night of trivia.  Come join us on Wednesday night at Tailgators in Clifton Park, NY at 7pm.  Tailgators is located at 1683 Route 9 in Clifton Park.  You'll have a great time.  Try to take down last week's winning team "Brian Cady's Curse".  Their trash-talking audio from last week is below.

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