So you thought the Yankee-Redsox hate-fest was on high alert Friday in Connecticut. A big charity event with many Yankees, Red Sox and other baseball personnel would certainly add fuel to this fire. But Nooooo. The usually talkative Bobby Valentine was muted on his dislike for the Yankees. I am betting this won't last long.

It was back right after he got the Sox job that Valentine, never one shy to keep an opinion to himself, blasted the Yankees and talked openly about his hatred for the Pinstripes. But on this day, Bobby V took a pass when reporters tried to stoke the flames a bit.

The event was a fundraiser for cancer research and it featured Valentine, Yankee manager Joe Girardi, Yankee great Yogi Berra, Don Zimmer, Goose Gossage, Fransisco Cervelli and others. When asked about the historic rivalry this time V took a pass saying " I can't really tell you what the rivalry is I haven't experienced it yet".  Sure, Bobby, whatever you say. That's like saying you don't know how difficult a job being President is cause you haven't done that yet either! Nonsense!

One of two things is in play here. Either Sox top brass asked Bobby to tone it down a little bit (doubtful) or Valentine is playing the media (likely). One thing's certain, he won't have to wait much longer to get his first taste. These two heavyweights start their season series  Friday April 20th with a 3 game set in Boston!