I'll admit I have always liked Joe Girardi. I liked him when he was a catcher for the Yankees, I like the way he handle the Marlins as a rookie manager and I liked the way he's handled the transition from the "Core Four" to the "Baby Bombers." All that being said it makes sense that I have defended the man when I felt others were way out of line with their chants of "FIRE GIRARDI!" So here we are a year ahead of schedule in the postseason and he makes the kind of mistake I have trouble reasoning away.

In the 6th inning of ALDS game two against the Cleveland Indians, Girardi didn't challenge a clear foul ball which loaded the bases and ultimately gave the Indians a grand slam. I have little doubt in my mind if that never happens the Yankees win this series and hey they still might, but I now am forced to listen. If you really want Joe Girardi out, then who do you want in his place? To be honest there are only a few names I'd prefer and Joe Maddon and Terry Francona are otherwise employed.

I still think Joe Girardi can lead this team to their 28th World Series victory but with that level of a blunder you have my ear. Who should be the manager of the Yankees?

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