Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic over a year ago hand sanitizer has been one of the most valuable weapons against the spread of the virus. Of course, sanitizer and masks probably share that title.

Unfortunately, with the ramp-up of hand sanitizer production, there has been a bunch of recalled sanitizers because of some issues with the manufacturing process. In mid-2020 the FDA put out a warning and recall of a large group of hand sanitizers that contained methanol. Of course, alcohol in your hand sanitizer is a good thing, but it's got to be the right kind of alcohol. methanol or wood alcohol isn't the right kind.

Now we have another issue with hand sanitizer. This time is high concentrations of Benzene, a cancer-causing compound that is linked to blood disorders and cancers like Leukemia.

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According to New 10, Valisure, an independent pharmacy, tested more than 250 different hand sanitizers and found high levels of Benzene in a bunch of them. The FDA has stated that Benzene should not be used in drug products, but allowed small amounts in sanitizers to meet the high demand early in the pandemic.

Now that the supply has caught up with the demand manufacturers shouldn't be putting Benzene in their hand sanitizers. Most have stopped, but some manufacturers in both China and the U.S. have continued to add Benzene to their products. Currently, there isn't a recall from the FDA yet, but I would imagine one is coming soon.

You can see the entire list of brands that contained high levels of Benzene on the Valisure website. If you have one of the products stop using it immediately.

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