The entire world was buzzing over last night's blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. Some people thought that the NFL caused the outage to let the 49ers back into the game, while others had their own conspiracy theories. The consensus, though, was that the blackout was largely annoying.

However, I can't possibly be the only one who enjoyed the over thirty minute break, can I?

Think about it: the Super Bowl is such a manufactured, sometimes contrived event, in which millions of Americans pretend to care about something that they so rarely care about. For some that something is football (I obviously do not fall into that category), or commercials, or live musical performances.

That type of over-excitement for every single aspect of the Super Bowl often leads to this exchange between myself and people that I am watching the game with each year:

Me: (trying to talk about the football game with other people who care about football)


Me: (imagining Patrick Willis giving the idiot a concussion)

While a half hour without football wasn't the optimal way of getting a break from the hyper attentiveness of some to every meaningless aspect of the Super Bowl, it gave us all a brief rest from "that guy" at every party chastising their fellow party goers for actually caring about the game rather than some stupid thing that nobody would care about the other 364 days per year.

It also allowed Super Bowl parties everywhere to turn into actual parties for a little while. Instead of legions of people just huddling around televisions, people got up and mingled for a while. They poured another drink. A game of beer pong or two broke out at the party that I attended. Isn't that what any party should be like?

As I said earlier, the lack of football was a bad way to get there, but that was the most social I have ever seen a Super Bowl party in my life and that is far from a bad thing.

So did you enjoy the blacked out portion of Super Bowl XLVII? Take our poll below and let us know.

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