What makes a great Super Bowl party?  The food?  The actual game? Or the venue? 

Actually - it isn't any of those things.  It's all about having the right guests for your Sunday affair.  

There will be roughly 20 million Americans attending a Super Bowl party this year.  While most of you out there will be good party patrons, there's always a few exceptions to the rule.

So I've come up with a list of the worst type of Super Bowl party guests:

  • “Do Anything But Watch The Game Guy”: This is the majority of what you find at a Super Bowl party.  These can be guy or girl, couples or groups of people.  Once the game starts, they’re headed for the hills to play Ping-pong, talk in the kitchen, go outside and smoke for an hour or they want to go play catch outside.
    • Remember, you're at the party to watch the game.  I know it’s a social event, but I’m here to watch the Super Bowl with other people. 
    • I don’t want to hear about your work problems.  I don’t care that VH1 is playing a Michael Jackson video marathon.  I’m not interested in playing touch football in 2 ½ feet of snow.  And nor do I want hear stories about you and your college fraternity parties. 
    • Just grab a seat, eat some dip and watch the game.  Again, we’re here to watch the game – not check out your new iPhone Apps.
  • Questions Girl: She’s the girl that asks 100 questions about everything. 
    • What’s a first down?  How many points is a TD worth?  Who’s playing?
  • Frontrunner Guy: This is worse than bandwagon fan.
    • Every year, he’s got a different reason to like the Super Bowl favorite – whether it’s an aunt that lives in that town or he has a distant cousin that was born in that city. 
    • If the team he’s rooting for loses, he doesn’t really care.  If the team he’s rooting for wins, it’s all you hear about.
  • Hipster Couple: They’re the too-cool for school couple.  They’re usually good-looking and way over-dressed. 
    • They constantly complain there’s a keg instead of a $150 bottle of champagne in the fridge.
  • Who is He Guy?: There’s always one of these dudes at every party.  
    • No one really knows who they are. 
    • No one claims them as their friend. 
    • No one every really gets a clear explanation as to why they’re at the party.
  • Bring Nothing and Complain Guy: This is pretty self explanatory.  He’s moaning that the $45 nacho platter has a few black olives on it.
    • He’s upset because no one ordered anchovies on the pizza.
William Thomas Cain, Getty Images
  • Over-the-top Guy: This is a guy that should watch all sporting events alone.  
    • He’s either got money riding on it, he’s got a square pool thing going on and he critiques every play.
    • At halftime, he’s furious because Green Bay didn’t kick the field goal to cover the halftime spread.

So have fun this weekend and remember, you will find at least one of these guests at your party on Sunday.  Are you one of them?

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