Here are 5 ways to cure your winter boredom, with out having to sleep in a Ton-Ton.

1. Prank Phone Calls- It’s been almost 20 year since “The Jerky Boys” made calls about having a roofing issue. But now we have enough sound boards and voice alternating Tec. To convince your mother she his going on a date with Harrison Ford. Go nuts that will kill a night. Better then walking to the bar and loosing a toe.

Added Bonus: You can get your Friends to admit to some crazy things


2. Yankee Classics- Yankee fans this is geared towards you. What is better then tossing on the Jeter jersey grabbing a tall one and pretending its June? Put on some cargo shorts, crank the heat in your apartment, and grill some ball park franks on the George Foremen and just lie to yourself baby.

Added bonus: The Yanks always win


3. A Costume Party- Just have a costume, party bring the fun to you. When people ask “why it’s not Halloween” you say “Yah so I’m not 8, I don’t need a reason to have girls over wearing next to nothing”. Plus those girls love a reason to bust out the old sexy costume, and now its way to cold for them to want to leave your house to go to the bar.



4. Cooking- Chicks dig guys who can cook. When are you stuck inside for longer, then the winter? Every guy knows how to grill and cook an oven pizza; you want to get to the head of pack Ramen Noodles aren’t going to get you there. Learn how to make some chicken dish or some type of salad; chicks love both of those things. Your cooking might make her over look the fact she is eating off happy birthday paper plates you got a deal on at Family dollar.

Added Bonus: If it’s a really good dinner, she’ll ignore your Star Wars bed spread latter.


5. Grow a Beard-This is a personal favorite of mine. A beard says a lot about a man, mostly you don’t own shaving gel. It can also say that your confident man, a man who will be the life of a party, not in a bad way like passing out after pounding 6 Four Locos , but in a good way like telling a story of you fighting a bear or climbing a mountain just to hear rain.

Added Bonus: It’s like a hat for your face.

I hope these ideas can help you pass the time this winter. I will be giving you more of my great American past times in the future.

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