When you try to think about the "worst" things you can have happen to you in sports, what do you think of?

I certainly wouldn't want to take a hit from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. I really wouldn't want to see LeBron James running full steam right towards me. I definitely wouldn't want to take a slapshot from any NHL player and I definitely wouldn't want to be a lacrosse goalie.

Taking a fastball to any part of my body would be right up there with the most unpleasant things in sports. How about a 98 MPH heater from Mets ace Noah Syndergaard? That's what happened to Brandon Phillips last night.

Phillips left the game and had X-rays taken on that hand. They came back negative, luckily for him and for the Reds.

Syndergaard is one of the most dominant pitchers in the NL and certainly isn't afraid to go inside.