To say the Syracuse football program is 'building for the future', is probably putting it lightly as the Orange have officially offered Theo Schein, who is one month old.

The father of Theo is Adam Schein, a Syracuse grad and works for SiriusXM.

The scholarship letter from Syracuse head football coach Scott Shafter included some specifics:

“Per NCAA rules, the full scholarship will cover tuition and registration fees, text books and course related fees, and room and board. It will not cover diapers, blankets, bottles or other necessities for your upcoming developmental years. This scholarship is subject to you meeting: (1) all NCAA eligibility requirements (2) all the admission requirements for Syracuse University and (3) at a minimum height of 6’1'” and weight of 200 lbs.”
The complete letter was put on display by Adam Schein:

That's a pretty sweet deal for a father of a newborn to already receive a football scholarship for their son, whether it's a gimmick of not.

If fact, paging: Kliff Kingsbury of Texas Tech! My first son is due on June 24th. His name is Asher Lowell. Let's beat Syracuse's record and go ahead and offer Asher before he even arrives! What do you think!? Guns up!

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