Frank Caliendo

Jon Gruden Talks To Jon Gruden [VIDEO]
Jon Gruden is living so close to living his best life. Imagine what he'll be like when the Raiders are actually good. Not only is Gruden the center of most QB rumors but he had a chance to "talk to himself" last night. Comedian Frank Caliendo has been doing a great Gruden impersonation for years now. If you weren't sure if Gruden like the impersonation or not this post from Caliendo should straighten that up.
Frank Caliendo & His Many Voices Join Big Board Sports
Does Jon Gruden want the Giants head coaching job? What does John Madden make of the Brett Favre's post-football career as a pitchman? Can Lou Holtz make sense of this year's College Football Playoff and what does Morgan Freeman do when he opens the fridge to find there is no milk for his cereal?
Frank Caliendo Versus Jon Gruden In QB Camp [VIDEO]
It is no secret the Raiders glory days died shortly after Jon Gruden left for Tampa Bay. So as a lifeling Oakland Raiders fan(LA Raiders for a short window) I love Chucky. Put his QB camp on TV and I'm watching. Add Frank Caliendo doing his Gruden impersonation and I am ALL IN...
ESPN Hires Frank Caliendo
Have you felt that there was something missing about this NFL season, but you just couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was? Like, at first you were sure it was the absence of your favorite refs, but even their return hasn’t filled the void. Well, ESPN thinks they’ve identified the problem, and they’re all set to feed you your fix.