Funny clip

The Mini Basketball League [NSFW] Language
Turn the volume down and enjoy this video of amazing athletic performance. These kids put effort in  I will give them that.
With Full size hoops that appear to be 6-7 feet off the ground and a mini game room basketball, this league makes everyone a contender...
Clip of Day: Carlin on Football
George Carlin is the master - in this bit he talks about how we as Americans have football because it's almost like a war game - which then makes us desensitized to war. Only Carlin can take a serious political subject, combine it with football, and make it hilarious.
Clip of the Day: Some NBA Junk [VIDEO]
I love when you see something new when watching sports. This is the first time I’ve seen a man grab another man by the junk  on an NBA court till now. If you have a clip that you think is “Clip of the Day” worthy email it to alanfish@1045theteam...
Clip of The Day: Life of a Mets Fan
Ahh the life of a Mets fan is a long and tragic one. Averaging one title every 25 years while the cross town rivals the Yankees are averaging around 1 every 4 years, disappointment and envy are daily feelings for a Mets fan. The Mets only have one, count them 1 member of the baseball Hall of Fame in…