New York

Giants Latest Move A Desperate One
The New York Giants first year head coach Ben McAdoo has not been at all pleased with the play of his offensive line thus far but re-signing Will Beatty goes down in the books as a desperate move. Beatty, New York's 2009 second round draft pick out of UConn, missed all of last season due to mul…
BREAKING: Knicks Fire Fisher
Well, the day after the Super Bowl isn't supposed to be a time for much basketball talk, but evidently, the New York Knicks don't care.
Fisher got less than a season and a half in New York, where he worked with a depleted roster for much of that time...
Petersen Becomes First Female to Sign w/ NYR (VIDEO)
We always hear about the negative and corrupt sides of the sports business. But there's still some good left too.
And last night, the New York Rangers exemplified some of that good, signing 7-year-old Kayleigh Petersen to a one-day contract as part of Make-A-Wish New Jersey...

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