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Bill Belichick’s Fine – Lenient Or Excessive?
Earlier this week, the NFL fined New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick a whopping $50,000 for making contact with a replacement official following last Sunday night's controversial ending to the Patriots-Ravens game. Do you think the fine was too lenient, or was it a bit excessive...
The 5 Most Questionable Calls in NFL History
By now, even non-football fans have heard about the officiating debacle in last night's showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks (just check your Facebook feed). Facing a 12-7 deficit with just seconds left to play, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson rolled out of the pocket and threw a desperation heave into the end zone, resulting in a game-clinching interception for the Pack
Are NFL Replacement Officials Fixing Football Games?
If you will, put on your tin foil hats with me for a few minutes. We are about to get into some serious match fixing conspiracy theorizing right now. You've been warned. Following the mess that transpired on Monday Night Football, I was angry for multiple reasons...
Spoof of Google Pokes Fun At NFL Replacement Officials
If you give the Internet a day to come up with some really good material on a subject, it rarely disappoints. After the Monday Night Football debacle that screwed the Green Bay Packers out of a win in Seattle, the web did not disappoint once again with this gem...

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