Griffey One Day Away From Hall of Fame (AUDIO)
I can't wait for tomorrow: A great career culminates in Cooperstown as Ken Griffey Jr. is set to be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Yes, yes, I know that Mike Piazza is going into the Hall also, but I grew up a fan of Griffey living in Seattle...
Helicopter View of Super Bowl Flyover
As someone who was sitting inside of MetLife Stadium on Sunday evening, the helicopter flyover was very moving and put an exclamation point on a chilling national anthem that made me proud to be an American.
Here's the view from from Army Specialist David Wilf who shot this video out the do…
Meet Man In Skittles Suit
We found a Seattle Seahawks fan who took his obsession for Marshawn Lynch to a whole new level.
This Seattle native told us he used over 3,000 Skittles and that it took "900 man hours" to create his head-to-toe Skittles-covered suit. Lynch, of course, is well known for his love of t…
What do you want Armen to ask Richard Sherman?
Armen will be at Media Day on Tuesday at the Prudential Center and will get the opportunity to ask Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman a question. What would you like Armen to ask him?
Let us know on our Facebook wall or via Twitter using #ArmenAskRichard...

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