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HBO Series Gets Reboot in Catskill-Filming This Summer
Many film crews have been scouting Upstate New York for their films and series. Now HBO is coming into the small village of Catskill to shoot a reboot of a popular series. "Pretty Little Liars" will start filming soon in Catskill as HBO looks to reboot the series.
All Aboard The Adirondack Railbike Adventure This Spring
Hopefully, by spring more activities will be opening up but I know that we will still want to do outdoor adventures. This is something I've always wanted to and it's not a far drive from the Capital Region. It's the Adirondack Railroad offering their Adirondack railbikes coming this M…
Schenectady BBQ Joint Ranked #2 In All Of Upstate
Schenectady has great food, we all know that.  Known mostly for it's outstanding Italian food and pastries, the Electric City appears to be making a name for itself in the world of BBQ as well.  A recent survey of Yelp reviews ranked the Top 25 best BBQ restaurants in all of Upstate, …