There are hundreds of statues located all over New York State. They pay tribute to the great men and women in our history who have left indelible footprints in our lives.

Upstate has its share of famous "heroes and heroines in bronze" as well. Maybe you live near one of these, maybe you have come across one on a vacation or road trip, or heck, maybe you just recognize the person right off the bat.

This is a test to see how well you know some famous people from Upstate New York.  Below is a gallery of 12 statues located around Upstate New York.  Can you identify the people?

First, let me tell you that the answers are listed at the very end of the gallery, so no peeking.  I have included one clue for each image.  I know a few will be instantly identifiable.  Others may make you think for a minute or two.  So take the test, look at the images, and good luck!  (Remember, the answers are listed at the end).


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No cheating. See how well you know these statuary giants of famous upstate New York figures. The answers are at the end. Good luck!

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