The Mario Cuomo Bridge is set to undergo a name change, six years after the name was last altered.

As written in this story on our website earlier today, former Governor Andrew Cuomo named the new bridge after his father, but that upset many from the Hudson Valley who wanted to keep the Tappan Zee name from the old bridge.

Now, progress is being made on a possible name change, but we don't know what the new name will be. In the mean time, we're here to help, by way of providing a few names of Upstate New York celebrity staples that deserve to be considered for the new title.

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These Upstate New York Celebrities are Deserving of 'Cuomo Bridge' Immortality

Using information from this story from Q105.7 and this story from CNY News, we put together a list of celebrity names that should be considered as replacements, should The Mario Cuomo Bridge be re-named in the near future.

These celebrities all have one thing in common: they were either born, or currently live, somewhere in Upstate New York.

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An aerial view of the bridge from 2013 / Getty Images

The original Tappan Zee Bridge was built from 1952 to 1955, connecting Rockland and Westchester Counties by crossing one of the widest points of the Hudson River. Construction on a new iteration of the bridge began in 2012, and finished in 2017, at which time then-Governor Andrew Cuomo dedicated the bridge to his father, Mario.

Mario was the 52nd governor of New York, and passed away on New Year's Day in 2015.

With news that members of the Democratic Party had recently joined the Republican push to re-name the bridge, the initiative is now picking up steam. Our goal was to get a head start on the naming process, by providing ten celebrities with Upstate New York ties, in an attempt to truly "bridge" Upstate and Downstate together moving forward.

Which Upstate celebrity did we leave off of our list?

Ten Upstate NY Celebrities Whose Names Should Replace 'Cuomo' on Bridge

With news that the 'Mario Cuomo Bridge' is due for a name change, we think these ten celebrity names, all with ties to Upstate New York, should be considered.

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