So if you could get into a time machine and witness any baseball moment in history, what would yours be?

I would want to see Roger Maris' 61st homerun in 1961.

Let’s face it – we all love the long ball. The homerun record is one of the most revered in all of sports. It’s easy to understand what it means.  It’s the most exciting play in baseball.

Babe Ruth was the benchmark for the homerun. And when Roger Maris broke his single-season HR record in 1961, it was truly one of baseball’s greatest moments. The 27-year-old outfielder set the record in the fourth inning of the final regular-season game of 1961 to break Ruth's single-season home run record set in 1927.

Maris' record stood until Mark McGwire hit 70 in 1998. 

Maris' 61 in 1961 a moment I would have loved to witness.


As for Babe Ruth's called shot in Game #3 of the 1932 World Series vs. the Cubs, I'm not putting that high on my priority list.

There are lots of questions surrounding that day.  Did Ruth really point to the bleachers or was he pointing at the pitcher (Charlie Root) that threw inside to him on the pitch before?

Ruth’s story changed so much during that time while Root denied that Ruth ever pointed at the stands so it’s hard to say what really happened.

It’s one of those things that’s almost urban legend at this point.

The problem is – even if you were at Game #3 of the 1932 World Series, you wouldn’t have known what was happening.  You couldn’t hear what Ruth was saying.  For all you know, you might not even have been aware he was pointing in the first place.

That’s why the “Called Shot” isn’t #1 on my list. You wouldn’t even have known it was an historical moment until years after the fact.

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