There are few movies I'm more excited to see than "Deadpool 2" with Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. I'll admit I have a small amount of nerd rage since both the main actors have been cast as multiple comic book characters in the past. Reynolds was the Green Lantern, a crappy version of Deadpool and Wesley Snipe's sidekick in Blade Trinity before finding the perfect role as this bad ass Deadpool. Brolin is currently Thanos "The Mad Titan" and was Jonah Hex before being tapped to play Cable. OKAY! I'll let it go!

If you're looking for the perfect theater to watch Deadpool 2 when it comes out sometime around May then you need to hit the RPX in the Regal theaters in Colonie Center. No 3D glasses, great sound and visual and one key advantage any fans of "The Merc with a Mouth" will appreciate, a hidden bathroom. Few people know if you go to the top exit stage left there's a family restroom where you can do your business in private. You're welcome!!!

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