I know it seems a little early in the new year to be thinking about cruising around the Capital Region in a really cool classic car, but to be honest, I'm always thinking about classic cars.

My wife laughs at me because she will come and look over my shoulder to see what I'm doing on the computer...and she always says, "Why can't you be normal and look at porn and not old cars and Jeeps?" I'm guilty, even though I'm not ready to buy anything anytime soon, I'm still always looking to see what's for sale.

Of course, living in Upstate New York makes finding good rust-free cars from the 60s and 70s a very difficult task. I've seen some cars that look pretty good, but they are what I call a 20/20 car, you know, they look great from 20 feet away going by at 20 miles per hour.

These cars that I found are not 20/20 cars they all look really solid and would draw a crowd at a classic car show....if we ever have those again.

Bad-Ass Classis Cars For Sale In The Capital Region

Just for fun here are a few of the classic cars I've owned in my life.

Steve King's Classic Cars

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