Ok Met fans you didn't think it could get worse-well it's gotten worse. The 1st baseman might have valley fevor. The 3rd baseman is already hurt. The seasons opening day starter got lit up. The owners look like they will have to come up with millions to pay for others losing millions to crook Bernie Madoff. Heck the Bullpen Catcher was just arrested on possible DUI charge. Say it with me-----UGH!

Ok piece by piece. Ike Davis might or might not have valley fevor, a disease that is popular in the dessert of Phoenix and transmitted in the air and in the ground. It kills dogs who aren't treated and it strains humans who are treated. Ask former Diamondbacks  player Connor Jackson. Time will tell with Ike.

David Wright is hurt already getting a cortisone shot this early is not good to combat a muscle tear in his abdominal. he says he will be ready but this doesn't smell good.

Opening day starter Johan Santana had a terrible outing against the Tigers in a 9-0 Tiger blowout. Normally you wouldn't put much stock in a spring outing but when coming back from a serious arm injury all things are heightened. 5 runs  yielded in 2 and 2/3rds innings.

The ownership of Fred Wilpon and others and the one's who now have to show the burden of proof even they are the defense, that they did not act in bad faith in dealings with Madoff.

To top off all this bullpen catcher Eric Langill was arrested for possible DUI on Sunday after being involved in a 1 car accident. Police reports say the car the BP catcher was driving hit a road sign, clipped a fountain, rolled over a curb and flipped over. Luckily Langill walked away.

Are we having fun Mets fans? I picked early September till the Mets lose their 100th game.


At this rate I may have to move that date up!

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