Sometimes in life, it's time to move on.

It's time to pack up the clothes, the furniture, and the photos of the in-laws into cardboard boxes, load it all into a truck, and set out on a path to the next stage of your life. It's time to move from your old home, to your new home, and homeowners in the Capital Region do this everyday.

When you're moving on, however, isn't it more fun to upgrade?

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Get our free mobile app lists a number of incredible homes available in cities and towns in the Capital Region, including those for sale in the state capital. As part of their database, they list the critical details like bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and much more.

Included in that information as well, is the price, and when you scroll to the top of the list, there are some pretty immaculate homes for sale near you.

The list is vast, and pretty unique. Some of the homes available for purchase are in neighborhoods, and have roughly an acre of total land to maintain on the plot. Others, meanwhile, are in more spacious areas, and have multiple acres for you and your family to expand your compound as you please.

Now, as a 23-year old a few years removed from graduating college, believe me, I know that most of these abodes are out of the price range for the vast majority of us. That being said, it's still an interesting case study to see some of the higher-end houses available in the area, and gain an appreciation for some of the best that Albany, and the Capital Region, has to offer.

So, with that being said, here are the ten most expensive houses currently on sale in Albany, New York, and the price you'd be paying if you were finding your next home.

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