Every sports team has at least one rival, and in the case of New York's professional sports teams, there is no shortage of opposing teams who fans love to hate. We went through the history books to find some of the most storied rivalries in New York sports, and created a list with a few of our favorites.

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Fans 'Love to Hate' the Opposing Teams in These New York Sports Rivalries

There are few things better in sports, than rivalries. Every season, when you look at your favorite team's game schedule for the first time, there are games that every fan knows to circle on the calendar.

You always want your favorite team to win every game possible, but every now and then, an opposing team comes along that you root against a bit harder than others.

That's what this list is all about.

Now, admittedly, we took a few creative liberties in generating this rivalry list. A few of our selections are traditional team rivalries, like the New York Yankees and their storied history against the Boston Red Sox.

The other part of this list is a bit more creative, as some New York sports teams are famous for different types of "battles" throughout their history. Teams like the New York Mets and New York Jets are infamous for their own internal struggles, and we acknowledged some of those in this list, as well.

Without further ado, scroll below to view our ten most infamous New York sports rivalries. Which team do you love to hate more than anyone else?

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